Brymark Installations has built an outstanding reputation of STRENGTH, CHALLENGE and INTEGRITY in tackling challenging projects for more than three decades.  In fact, Brymark is known for taking on the most difficult jobs and turning them into success stories.

Brymark originated in North Vancouver in 1983 as a mechanical and structural contractor.  Building on core competencies we strategically added complementary capabilities such as pipe fabrication and on-site maintenance and in 1991 our headquarters, warehouse and shop moved to Port Coquitlam.

Brymark’s Civil Division was expanded in 2012 to support operations, and the pipe fabrication facility was expanded in 2014 with the addition of a 160 Ft Gantry Crane.

On the foundation of experience, knowledge and successful outcomes, Brymark continues to experience consistent and steady growth, even through economic downturns.

Brymark’s philosophy of managing growth to maintain quality allows us to remain flexible in responding to our customers’ evolving needs within an ever-changing industrial environment.

The ability to attract and retain skilled employees who possess a wealth of in-house expertise provides the capacity to bond projects and to serve our customers by water, land and rail.

Brymark will troubleshoot any challenge. We approach every project with integrity and care; and in fairness to our customers we will only take on projects we know we can complete successfully.

If Brymark takes on the job, it will be done right!